A funeral service is a very personal celebration of a ‘loved ones’ life.  It need not necessarily be a religious service and even if you choose to have your service outside of a religious building you may incorporate yours or your lost one’s faith into your service.

As a funeral celebrant, I conduct funeral services in the main at crematoriums or graveside at cemeteries.  However, there have been services at golf courses, in parks and I know of one held on a beach.

The main arrangements of course will be done through your chosen Funeral Director and if you wish, you may nominate your own celebrant to the funeral director and they would be very happy to accommodate your wishes.

A funeral service need not be a solemn occasion although the very nature of losing a loved one almost always causes great grief.  It is an opportunity to share all of those special memories of a loved one and often they are memories that will make you smile or laugh.  When planning a service you can insert all manner of things to reflect the life of the loved one you have lost and nothing is inappropriate in terms of music, symbols or words if they reflect their life.