Wedding Ceremonies

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and it needs to be all you ever wished for – a life moment to be remembered and revisited over and over again. It is so important to choose a celebrant who is going to listen and help you create YOUR perfect moment because this is your day and no-one else’s!

Marriage is an exciting time for all involved and as a Civil Marriage Celebrant I have certain obligations under the Marriage Act and I will explain these to you at our first meeting – other than that, the contents of your marriage ceremony are totally your choice. I have conducted so many different ceremonies because all of my couples are so different. They are so many different cultures, religions, ages and locations and all of them are special!

I will supply you with samples of ceremonies, verses and vows that can be used but you do not have to use them if you have your own ideas. Additionally, you can mix and match parts of my ceremonies with others that you may have found or attended yourselves to come up with the perfect ceremony just for you!! My services include:

  • Initial wedding meeting with you both to discuss your wishes and go through all government legal requirements
  • Lodgement of all Government paperwork
  • Final confirmation of all decisions and participants
  • Conduct Master Wedding Ceremony
  • Registration of marriage and all associated legal requirements