Hi Kris

Josh and I just wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU!! for Leo’s naming day ceremony on Sunday!

Sorry we didn’t get much time to talk with you, I assume you expect that on such a busy day.

We thought everything went off really well with his ceremony and the feedback we got from our family and friends was great.

We were surprised that some of our more religious relatives thought the ceremony and how you conducted it was better than ceremonies they had been to in a church environment! We thought this was a pretty big statement and a testimony to how well you conduct your business and make everyone feel a part of the ceremony. The hiring of the PA also made a big difference to the reflection of everyone being able to hear and enjoy the special moment.

We were blessed by a beautiful sunny day and by your presence to announce our baby boy Leo Thomas Corby into this world and we will be forever grateful for making it a truly special day and one that we will remember for all the right reasons.

Finally THANK YOU again for such a wonderful ceremony and being a part of our baby boys special day!

Warmest wishes and love

Jade, Josh and Leo xoxox