The word amazing is so overused but in Kris’s case it’s the only word to use!
Dave & I got married in Machattie Park, Bathurst, November 2014. From the first meeting she treated us like friends and was so organised that the planning became a breeze! Every small detail was covered, with all the information we could possibly need to plan our ceremony. At the park, before I arrived, Kris had everything under control. She had located everyone involved in the service, without having met them prior, set up the seating and decorations, got the music all cued up, then came to meet me at the car, with last minute tips and encouraging words (and big hugs of course!). I didn’t have to think or worry about a thing, Kris took charge! We had so many glowing comments about Kris from friends and family, it was almost like “who was that woman!” and “where did you find her!”  Totally Amazing!!!  Love Sandi & Dave